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Person rescues badly malnourished dog found in Orchards in Delano

Posted at 11:19 AM, Jul 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-16 14:37:36-04

A Kern County resident found a lost dog wandering through the orchards in Delano. The dog was badly malnourished and looked on the verge of death. He was saved and taken to a local vet. 

Here's what a viewer wrote in about the dog found: 


A Good Samaritan posted “Hope” on a lost and found dog site on Facebook.  Hope was found in the orchards in Delano. Due to her state, she looked on the verge of death and did not have much longer. Instantly ,help started pouring in. Within minutes of seeing the post, another caring woman drove out to Delano to pick up this sweetheart. She needed immediate medical attention.  The animal lovers of this community really came together and started sharing her post. Sheila Powelson from “ A SafeFurr Place Animal Rescue, Inc” Met Hope’s transporter at BVH (Bakersfield Vet Hospital) and they all waited patiently to see the vet. Here is her diagnosis so far “Update- (emaciated dog found in orchards in Delano!) 


HOPE will be staying at BVH for a few days. Dr will  call in morning with her update. We will start IV fluids, antibiotics and fast acting insulin. 

She is only approx 3 years old. 

Has cataracts so she is blind caused from diabetes, blood glucose is 600+ (should be 180), mastitis (severe infection in her mammary glands, she’s postpartum so pups sometime recently, tick infested and severely emaciated. Thank you to everyone who helped her and we hope the best for her. She’s the sweetest dog I’ve ever met. 


Hope’s nails are very long, she isn’t a ‘street dog’, she’s been overbred and in our opinion- left outside somewhere to be a baby maker then dumped in the orchards of Delano where she was found, sitting alone under a tree. She’s weak but just wags her tail. She has so much kindness in her eyes.