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McFarland Police Department share the story about their K-9 officer Mirko

Posted at 12:40 PM, Feb 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-20 20:08:28-05

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — The story of a McFarland Police K-9 was released to help bridge a gap between law enforcement and the community they protect.

The book, “Mirko, the Miraculous K-9” is a story about Mirko becoming a K-9 officer, but that’s not the only thing special about this book, every book sold goes toward a greater goal.

For one year, K-9 Officer Mirko has protected the streets of McFarland alongside his partner Corporal Hankins.

“He is a great dog to be around, he is happy and he is smart and well trained. He knows his job and he can do it well and I have 100% faith that anytime I bring him out and have to deploy him for a traffic stop or narcotic search…I know Mirko will do his job 110%,” said Corporal Hankins.

Police Chief Kimble saying Mirko is a very important member of the McFarland Police Department.

“He can do things that we don’t. They have great noses and they are able to see things and find things that we cant,” said Chief Kimble.

However, McFarland hasn’t always been his home. He’s from Germany and the book shares his story.

Angela Barton, President of the Kern County Law Enforcement Foundation, wrote the book and says the book is also making an impact within the community. It’s helping bridge the gap between the police department and the community they protect.

“I wanted our officers to have the opportunity to get out in front of our schools,” said Barton.

“It’s incredible to spend that time with them because it breaks down this wall that is kind of put up sometimes,” said Chief Kimble.

The story of Mirko is also going toward a greater goal; every book sold is helping raise funds for a new K-9 patrol car.

“These k-9 cars take a lot of abuse because they run constantly,” said Chief Kimble.

The current car Mirko rides in has over 165,000 miles plus the constant run time. Chief Kimble says that even though the car is taken care of, it’s at a point where anything can go wrong at any given time.

Corporal Hankins saying a new car would make a huge impact.

“It’s not about having a new car, it’s about having a safe car that will work for you every time you get to work and one that will keep Mirko in the best condition possible,” Corporal Hankins.

The book is continuing to be read in many schools throughout Kern County and if you are interested in buying the book CLICK HERE.