Mimi's Cafe closed due to health violations

Posted at 10:50 AM, Feb 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-26 02:53:14-05

Kern County Public Health Services Department said on Thursday that they have closed Mimi's Cafe on California Ave due to poor food handling practices and overall food establishment maintenance and sanitation.

Officials inspected the place on February 24th, officials said the restaurant located on the 4000 block of California Ave.,  was found with several violations of food safety.

Officials said the environmental health permit will be suspended and a notice of closure will be posted until the environmental health permit is reinstated.

Health Department officials found an overflowing floor drain at the cook line. 

They also found lack of power towels at hand washing stations, lack of hand soaps in the kitchen area. 

Officials also found raw eggs, salmon and egg whites that were not properly refrigerated. 

Officials added the establishment must remain closed for the remainder of the inspection date and the next business day.

The establishment must achieve a score of at least an 80% upon reinspection for the environmental health permit to be reinstated.

Officials recommend anyone who sees a health code violation to report it through their app, Safe Diner.

23ABC spoke to one Mimi's managers over the phone who refused to tell us her name but said the restaurant wasn't ready to comment about the issue. 


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