Onyx fire gives residents no recovery time after Erskine blaze

Posted at 8:15 PM, Jul 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-14 23:15:26-04

It’s been a dangerous wildfire season this year with the Erskine and Deer fires and residents in Onyx are fearful after a brush fire erupted yesterday afternoon.

Officials say the fire started inside of a home and quickly spread to more than 220 acres, destroying two homes and displacing nine people.

While the flames are 80 percent contained, the blaze reminded residents of all the damage caused by the Erskine fire.

"Last week we were a quarter of a mile from the Erskine fire and evacuated and last night when I was going into the senior center there were 12 fire trucks headed my way," said Paul Ash, Valley Estates resident.

One dog, three cats and a rabbit have died in the onyx fire which may have been caused by a candle left burning in a home.