Owner says laws are contradicting and need to be figured out to prevent this from happening

Posted at 12:12 AM, Jun 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-10 03:12:53-04

Last month Pumpkin a pure bread yorkie got out of his owners yard in southwest Bakersfield after the gardener had left the gate open.

Not long after, a neighbor had found pumpkin and decided to take him to the City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center hoping they could help find the owner Minoo Seyedan.

“He had three different collars that I would change because it would hurt him if I had the same type. So his nametag and stuff was on the other collar unfortunately that day,” said Seyedan.

Once there, Julie Johnson the director of the care center who was unavailable for an on camera today said her staff followed normal procedures for any animal that is brought in. 

She says Pumpkin came in panting heavily and Johnson and her staff did everything they usually do, checking for a collar or microchip to contact the owner.

But after figuring out that pumpkin's microchip had never been registered - chances of contacting Seyedan diminished.

“Because I moved three times, I did not resign, you know the microchip. The microchip was there but the address was incorrect, so they couldn't contact me,” said Seyedan.

Johnson told 23ABC after an hour had passed and Pumpkin's breathing had worsened, it seemed like he was in severe distress leading to the decision to euthanize.

Now weeks later, Seyedan has been on a mission to get answers.

Speaking at last night's City Council meeting citing penal code 597-F which states that a veterinarian must be contacted before a decision to euthanize is made, Seyedan believes that didn't happen.

But Johnson says her decision is protected under California’s business and professions code 4827, saying the animal appeared to be suffering and had not shown signs of getting better.

“I have nothing against anybody for what has happened to my dog. It's unfortunate, I'm very sad about it. I just want to make sure the laws are correct and they're followed properly,” said Seyedan.

Now she just wants to clear up confusion so this doesn't happen to another family pet.

"That's why I know this was an error. That's why I do not want one person to have full control over the life of an animal,” said Seyedan.