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Parents say KHSD needs more in place to keep students safe

Ammunition found in bathroom sink
Posted at 6:50 PM, Feb 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-16 21:50:24-05

Many parents saw a video online today in what appeared to be bullets found in the boys bathroom at Foothill High School.        

"I wasn't aware of the situation until I saw it and then I just decided to pick up my son," Foothill High School parent Esperanza Zovarrubias said.

School officials said students discovered live 32 caliber ammunition in a sink. Before today's discovery, acting Kern High Schools Police Chief Ed Komin said law enforcement was notified of a social media threat yesterday.
"Yesterday afternoon we became aware of a threat on social media directed at Foothill High School," Chief Ed Komin said.

The district sent out this voice memo to parents last night:

“Foothill parents earlier this morning a student reported that a threatening message was posted on social media. Administration KHSD law enforcement were notified of the threat and are investigating. We do not believe this to be a credible threat we will take precautionary measures by providing additional security personal on campus before and during school tomorrow.”

Many parents said after the bullets were found today, there should have been more in place for student safety.

"Why am I concerned, why? Because the school is running regularly like it's a regular normal school day you just found something in a bathroom, kids are at lunch their at risk," Zovarrubias said.
Chief Komin and his team added extra patrol officers on campus today but they deemed the social media post as a quote, "less than credible threat." Officials said they saw no immediate danger to students and no gun, so the original threat the day before was less credible.

"Why isn't it a threat I don't get it why until now, what are you waiting for basically what are you waiting for due to upon several situations what are you waiting for? For it to happen?"Zovarrubias said.

Zovarubbius said today may have been worth a safety drill in light of what happened in Parkland Florida this Wednesday, as an extra precaution.
"Why isn't the school on lockdown, why aren't they being checked, why aren't they being something!"Zovarrubias said.

Police said they saw the lockdown unnecessary and they checked several students but not all. They also said there were no spent ammunition cases found in the bathroom and they had officers at all exits and entrances of the campus, along with neighborhood patrols.
 "I have confidence we will be able to gather some leads and find out," Chief Ed Komin said.

When 23ABC asked for the police to elaborate on what exactly a credible threat was they declined to answer. However in an interview earlier today Kern High Police Chief Ed Komin had this to say about the threats.

“What we had was the social media posting which unfortunately those are fairly common. Of course we take those very seriously, we take anything that could be conceived as a threat very seriously we amp up our security when that happens, but we had that and then we had live ammunition in a sink. We don’t have any spent shell casings, we don’t have any fire arms, we don’t have any specific threats against the school.”
Now Authorites conducted interviews with students today and say they will also be using forensic finger printing to try to connect the bullets back to the original party.