Pathology report: 'Fred the Service Dog' died of bacterial pneumonia

Posted at 12:42 PM, Sep 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-15 15:42:00-04

 A pathology report sent to 23ABC shows "Fred the Service Dog," who died earlier in September, had a bacterial infection which caused hemorrhaging in his lungs and the cause of his death was bacterial pneumonia. 

Jennifer Gray with Sunny Day Acres shared the report with 23ABC. 

Earlier this month, on Sept. 1, Fred’s owner Liz, stated, “We need all possible prayers coming Fred's way. I'm with him at Valencia Vet Center after flying home early from Kona on an emergency red-eye last night. He suffered severe heat stroke, and is in critical condition. I can't really write or say much more, or answer questions.”

On Sept. 2, an updated post said Fred was taken to the vet and had a 109 degree temperature. “The vets were amazed he made it through the night. They were able to bring his temperature down to normal relatively quickly.”

However, Sept. 2, around 12:22 in the afternoon, a post with a simple black picture was put up on Fred’s page stating that he had passed away.

“Fred took his last breath today. And with it, every last ounce of light in my heart,” Liz wrote.

The pathology report states, "Many of the tissues were severely autolyzed. While hyperthermia is difficult to completely rule out, there was evidence of severe acute neutrophilic inflammation with clusters of bacteria within alveoli of the lungs suggesting that an acute bacterial pneumonia likely contributed to the dog's death."