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Politicians bring community together for Rally

Posted: 12:04 AM, Oct 14, 2018
Updated: 2018-10-14 07:04:45Z

The Women’s March Kern County rallied together politicians from up and down the ballot for Saturday’s Pledge to Vote Rally.


“We want this to encourage people to talk about voting. To not see it as a hassle, but a very precious right,” said Kimberly Kirchmer.


“When people say my vote doesn’t count, we want them to remember there wouldn’t be a hard effort to keep people from voting if it didn’t. There are so many instances where people win, by just a few votes.”


Greg Ardoin, a local teacher believes that to be true.


“One voice can be heard by thousands. I’m a teacher, I know. Just being in a classroom at one time, I affect 30 students. And as students roll through my class, I affect hundreds,” said Ardoin.


That is why he has pledged to vote every year, since he was eighteen. He encourages others to be heard.


“I know there are many complaints on several different levels, but if they don’t vote, they don’t have a say in what occurs in all the different levels, and what can be affected in their lives and community,” said Ardoin.


Ardoin brought his two daughters to Saturday’s event to get them ready and hopes they will be the change they want to see.


They met politicians like Tatiana Matta, TJ Cox, Grace Vallejo and many more to learn about them and make an informed decision.


“I want to encourage all of them to get out, to vote, to register, to learn the candidates, learn where their stances are and look at the activities they’ve done and look who they really are,” said Ardoin.


The Women’s March Kern County says this was a nonpartisan event and invited all candidates to participate.


The midterm election is Nov. 6.