Rep. McCarthy's son responds to picture of his father that sparks online political firestorm

Posted at 9:51 PM, Aug 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-04 01:26:58-04

A picture posted of Rep. Kevin McCarthy at a restaurant on the coast earlier this week became the center of an online political debate. 

Rep. McCarthy was celebrating his daughter's 21st birthday at a restaurant in Santa Monica when someone at the restaurant from Bakersfield reportedly took a picture of the House Majority Leader claiming he was drunk.

It created a heated discussion over political figures and what is fair when they are in the public eye. 

Rep. McCarthy spoke to 23ABC's Tim Calahan on Thursday about the picture, among healthcare, immigration and the Forever GI Bill.

McCarthy's son, Connor,  wrote a Medium article in response to the situation, citing the tension between both political parties right now. 

Connor McCarthy noted unrealistic expectations of his father based on the comments on the picture, and he discussed ways the political parties can come together.

McCarthy addressed the photo, and the situation with 23ABC's Tim Calahan during an interview today. He said he was only drinking water, and eating a hamburger that night, and was talking with a friend at the table who is close to the family. "I thought, just saying something that's not true about someone without talking to them, that's where social media goes to far."