Frazier Park residents prepare for rain, snow

Posted at 5:27 PM, Jan 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-29 21:55:07-05

The sun was shining bright today in Frazier Park as light clouds lined blue skies over head, but as locals know, the weather today does not predict the weather tomorrow or the next day. 

"We have a saying up here, if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes because it can change that fast," said local Allen Roe.

The markets were busy with locals grabbing last minute needs before the wet weather approaches. 

Showers are expected Saturday and heavier rain and potentially snow is expected to follow on Sunday. 

Locals said they are not worried about the incoming weather and they stay prepared most of the time by stocking up on all of the essential needs. 

They said they stock up on gasoline, propane, candles, food, water, batteries, a radio and toilet paper.

According to the locals the only thing they are worried about is people from out of town traveling to their area to play in the snow and then leaving trash behind.

Other than that, the local residents said they have prepared for any potential weather and are ready to relax and see what this storm system brings. 

"We're going to have a barbeque with a bunch of friends tonight and then we'll go from there," said Diana Labrasca.

Drivers down the road, closer to Interstate 5, however, were not as content about the approaching weather. 

Karen Rockberg-Boyd said she has driven over the grapevine constantly over the past 75 years. She said she couldn't believe when it was shut down because of the mudslides and worries more mudslides may happen.

"Wiith the heavy rains coming this weekend and next week, why I wouldn’t be surprised if it did some more damage to the hills," said Boyd.

Dan Hellevig was driving from Sonora to Los Angeles Friday. He said when he left northern California Friday morning it was raining, but it cleared up as he traveled south. He said he's considering changing his plan to drive home Sunday if the weather is too severe.

“I'm heading north on Sunday, but if it snows on the pass up here I think I will wait until Monday," said Hellevig.

If you are traveling this weekend be sure to call 1-800-GAS-ROAD before you leave to check if roads are open and download the 23ABC News app for all of the latest weather and road conditions.