Sabrina Limon trial kicks back up for Day 12

Posted at 8:42 AM, Sep 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-28 14:22:04-04

(UPDATE 4:10 p.m.) 4:00 p.m. Questioning of Det. Meyer resumes, and is asked about detectives finding the snow globe just this year, and if it was there any earlier. Det. Meyer says they searched Hearn’s apartment in January of this year searching for arsenic that Hearn said was in the garage. He says he is not aware of any searches done prior in his home by any of his officers. Det. Meyer says this is the first time he is seeing the snow globe.

4:08 p.m.: Court concludes for the day.


(UPDATE 4:00 p.m.) 3:15: Court resumes after brief recess with Sgt. Rutledge on stand. He is questioned about wiretapped phone calls between Limon and Hearn, and his questioning with Limon. Sgt. Rutledge is asked about some of the language that was used during questioning with Limon, such as the detectives saying they didn’t care about her, and the questions they asked about her affair with Hearn.

3:35 p.m. Questioning with Sgt. Rutledge ends, and Det. Meyer is called to the stand. Det. Meyer is asked about pictures and emails that were downloaded from Hearn’s phone, including emails Hearn sent to Limon. Satellite maps of where Highway 58 and Highway 395 meet in Kramer Junction are shown, which includes parts of Tehachapi and Mojave. Det. Meyer is asked about a video he sent in a text to Limon, he says that it came from the Pilot Travel Center.

3:45 p.m. Det. Meyer opens a sealed evidence bag that was holding a snow globe. He says he found it on January 5, 2017 in Jonathan Hearn’s home. Dash cam video plays of Det. Meyer driving in Kramer Junction in Tehachapi.


UPDATE (September 28, 2017 3:02 p.m.): After the lunch break ended, Jeff Rhoton was called back to the stand in order to clarify something previously talked about. 

After the clarification was made Rhoton continued to be questioned about cell tracking and the logistics of how it works. He was then asked to step off the stand. 

Sergeant Rutledge was also called to the stand this afternoon and a recorded audio interview was played between him and Sabrina Limon. 

In the recording Limon was asked "how did you help him?" by Sergeant Rutledge about Hearn. Limon responded "well I let him know when he was going to work".

Sergeant Rutledge also asked "when did you tell Jonathan where Robert worked?", Limon answered that "it was quite a while ago and honestly it was in conversation."

During the recording there were many times when Limon's voice would get low in volume and then eventually rise back up. 

The sergeant asked Limon "did he coach you on what to tell us?", speaking about Hearn, and Limon responded "yes".

The recording continued to play and in it you could hear the sergeant ask Limon things such as the consideration of divorce and if that was ever made as well as the current situation Limon was in at the time. 

The court broke for a brief afternoon recess. 


UPDATE (September 27, 2017 12:08 p.m.): After the morning recess, Jeff Rhoton was asked to take the stand. 

Rhoton owns and operates an advanced cell tracking system company. 

He was asked several technical things about how cell tracking works and that looks like on average. 

"When you're reviewing a cell phone record, you just have that, no other information correct?" asked the prosecutor, to which Rhoton answered "yes". 

During the entire time that Rhoton sat on the stand he was asked continuously about cell tracking and the various phones that were tracked in locations including Tehachapi and Edison. 

Rhoton was also asked about whether the people who were being tracked and spoke to each other over the phone knew where they were when the phone call was going on. He responded "no". 

Both the prosecutor and the defense finished questioning Rhoton on the tracked cell phones and he stepped off the stand. 

Court broke for a lunch break. 


UPDATE (September 27, 2017 10:20 a.m.): Day 12 of the Sabrina Limon trial kicked off with Detective Meyer on the stand being questioned by both the defense and the prosecutor.

The defense asked Detective Meyer whether or not Limon had gone to the scene of the crime when she found out her husband had been killed.


“If my spouse was murdered I would’ve gone to the scene regardless of what was said” said Detective Meyer.


Others asked to come to the stand was a man that had worked with Robert Limon at BNSF, John Siemon.


Siemon was asked how good of a relationship he had with Robert Limon. The prosecutor proceeded to ask if Siemon had “any issues with him, any beefs with him?” speaking of Robert Limon. Siemon said “no” he did not.


Detective Victor Garcia was also called to the stand Wednesday morning.


He was questioned on text messages he saw between Limon and Hearn.


”I was looking in the content of the messages, who they were from, if there wee any names written out.” said Detective Garcia.


The court broke for a brief recess, and will continue afterward.


The Sabrina Limon trial is resuming today for Day 12 of the trial. You can watch it live here.