School district rushing to open doors

Posted at 6:16 PM, Feb 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-06 21:16:34-05
The month of January brought record breaking rainfall. That's why we are seeing roads like this completely flooded and even broken roadways from those floods. But all this have caused many closures and one school in Kern county to be closed for twelve days straight.
If you drive along Caliente Creek road, you will encounter this. Submerged roadways with the rushing water breaking down the pavement leaving a river rushing right through your road to work and school. This caused several road closures and no roads mean no school for some.
Some being Piute Mountain Elementary School which has been closed for 12 days straight.
Even with the closure staff are still in attendance trying their best to get the school running again -- as officials still work to figure out how to make up all that lost time.
So far for them.....The feeling of the empty hallways is the same.  Lonely.
The not quiet rushing water blocking the roads are putting the school out of session.
Even with the high water, it is not dampening their spirits to get the kids back to class with needed aid from Caltrans.
Hope is all that they can do as the water continues to rise with more rain in the forecast. In Caliente, Adam Bowles 23ABC.