Temperatures climb just in time for graduation

Posted at 12:31 AM, Jun 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-02 03:31:50-04

Well the first day of triple digit heat is behind us and tonight Stockdale High School celebrated their class of seniors in the midst of it.

“You know what it's Bakersfield,” said parent Alan Paradise.

“You know it's Bakersfield, it's June,” said parent Stan Hensley

“It wasn't as bad as what I thought,” said Art Chisolm.

“Well I was kind of surprised that it go hot so quickly,” said parent Ramchandara Ayyagari.

As the calendar turned to the first of June, so did the thermometer ticking past 100 degrees.

But for the families of Stockdale High Seniors graduation and extreme heat is a day they knew was coming.

“You come to expect it, you just have to come prepared. You know I've lived here my whole life so we come with plenty of water, sunscreen, everything like that. We're ready to go,” said Hensley.

“He is my third one graduating so I kind of knew what to expect,” said Ayyagari.

But for those not from Bakersfield or just not ready for the heat, today came as a scorching surprise.

“Umm...I wanted to turn around and go home. But it's for my niece so we're going to bear this heat a little longer until she comes out from her ceremony,” said the proud aunt Mona Tuivaiti.

“We waited till the last minute to come in. People came in before us , we're with a large group. So we let them go ahead and grab the seats and we drank up and then came out,” said Chisolm.

But as a parent Paradise says keeping a positive attitude in a less than ideal situation helps to keep the spirits up for such a special day.

“One thing I'll say is it's nice to have as many tickets as we need for graduation and celebrating it here at Bakersfield College is a nice tradition,” said Paradise.

Because of the expected heat for the rest of the week Bakersfield High School has decided to push the start time of their ceremony back 30 minutes, hoping the temperature will drop by a few degrees.