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Taft police reported 47 car thefts in 2017 so far; two men arrested

Posted: 9:27 AM, Nov 14, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-14 17:27:47Z
Taft police reported 47 car thefts in 2017 so far; two men arrested

Taft officials have reported that 47 cars were stolen in their city this year.

Two men were arrested on auto theft charges as Taft Police works to put an end to the vehicle thefts. They were arrested in a parking lot near Center Street and a stolen pickup truck was recovered about a block away in the area of Eighth and Kern.

The suspects were identified as Jason James Alfter and Robert James Scott, both 21 years old.

Alfter was charged with two counts of possession of a stolen car, auto theft, possession of burglary tools and possession of a controlled substance. Scott was charged with possession of a stolen car.

The stolen pickup truck was towed and stored and a second pickup truck that was possibly linked to the outbreaks of thefts was also towed. This second pickup however, was not reported stolen.

Data from the Taft Police Department shows that:

  • 27 vehicles were reported stolen in 2011, seven were recovered.
  • 37 vehicles were reported stolen in 2012, eight were recovered.
  • 45 vehicles were reported stolen in 2013, 14 were recovered.
  • 21 vehicles were reported stolen in 2014, six were recovered.
  • 26 vehicles were reported stolen in 2015, six were recovered.
  • 41 vehicles were reported stolen in 2016, 11 were recovered.
  • 47 vehicles were reported stolen in 2017 (so far), 16 were recovered.