Apple farmers turning away field trips

Posted at 12:24 PM, Sep 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-22 15:24:06-04

A fall school tradition for many may no longer exist for students this year. The trip to the apple orchard may be canceled, due to smaller apple crops this season.

Higher temperatures and drought conditions have lightened the yield for some Tehachapi apple farmers. 

Apples trees need 'chilling days' during their dormant period to ensure a bountiful harvest, but higher than average temperatures are affecting the yield. Areas where students normally pick from the fruit-bearing trees at Pulford Farms are almost barren, leading the family farm to cut back on the number of field trips they host.

"There is disappointment, but we're still open seven days a week," says the foreman of Pulford Farms, Andrew Pulford. 

The family farm is still hosting about field trips this season, but turned about away between 10 to 15 schools from across Central California.

While there are less apples this fall, Pulford says the orchard is still open and has plenty to offer.