CSUB had Kern County fired up all day

Posted at 12:30 AM, Mar 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-19 10:14:21-04

From the moment the Roadrunners won the WAC tournament, through todays nail biter.

Bakersfield has had a buzz that many supporters like JR Perez and Tom Maxwell believe is here to stay.

“The fact that we're on national broadcast television on TNT is going to be tremendous for us,” said Perez.

“We have a couple players that are coming up through the ranks of CSUB that I think can really keep us in a pretty competitive situation in the WAC so I think this is the first of hopefully many times that we'll be able to make it to the tournament,” said Maxwell.

And as a newer business, Maxwell said Temblor was more than happy to open their doors today, knowing that fans decked out in blue and gold would soon be piling in.

“We've had a number of big days so far but yeah this'll be definitely a pretty good day,” said Maxwell.

That same buzz was seen all over social media, where fans and supporters made sure to show the team they had their back.

Some familiar names showing their support online were house majority leader Kevin McCarthy and NFL quarterback Derek Carr, who joined the thousands of Kern County natives showing love their for CSUB.

And fans of all ages packed in to the many watch parties across town, some with more faith than others like Andre Smith Jr. that the runners could pull it off.

“I bet a couple…yeah I don't know. I bet a…nice amount of money,” said Smith Jr.

But a little faith is all it took today said Lee Sheppard, as the nation watched a similar upset take place just hours before giving the hearts of Kern County a little more to hold on to.

“It's been a good game, it's been back and forth like the whole game,” said Sheppard.

Down the stretch seniors Ahmed and Mays made big plays keeping it as close as they could, but unfortunately their run to the round of 32 came up short.

But many fans including The Roadrunner Super Fan said next year is something they can’t wait for.

“Can't wait for even next year to begin, I know they already started with new season ticket holders and I'm just looking forward for more packed houses come next season,” said Super Fan.

The Roadrunners returned home on Friday night at Meadows following their season ending loss.

More than dozens of fans waited outside to welcome and thank the team of their accomplishments this season.