Valley Baptist receives "non-specific threat"

Posted at 3:30 PM, Dec 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-22 19:19:05-05

Sunday in morning worship services, Dr. Roger Spradlin addressed the Valley Baptist Church congregation on the topic of recent terror incidents.

Dr. Spradlin included in his opening remarks recent events in Kern County, San Bernardino, Paris and worldwide. Spradlin also revealed that the church had received a non-specific threat.

The church is cooperating with law enforcement and they are conducting the investigation. 

Dr. Spradlin also informed the congregation that for many years, every Sunday and Wednesday night at both church campus locations, a team of undercover security personnel have been on site.

These are professionally trained former law enforcement men and women who are ready to respond to any threat that might occur on our campuses. 

In a rare occurrence, Pastor Spradlin addressed the church members with a personal insight. He stated, “We have to all be aware of our surroundings. We cannot live in fear, especially as people of faith. As Americans our strength is not simply in our military might or security measures. The strength of America is the spirit of its people. We cannot surrender to fear, we cannot give up our freedom to publicly gather, especially in order to worship. Too many people have sacrificed that we might be here today to worship in freedom.” 

The Bakersfield Police Department and the FBI are conducting a joint investigation into an individual who delivered a letter with Arabic writing. The letter, though not a threat, was offensive and disturbing. Though the investigation is still ongoing they have determined that the threat is not credible.

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