Delano sex scandal has another victim

Posted at 10:52 AM, Apr 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-21 20:29:03-04

Another Delano High School student has come forward in the sex scandal involving former Delano Joint Union High School District employee Bobby-Scott Perigo.

23ABC has obtained documents from a warrant that says that another underage high school student exchanged Snapchat messages a few times with Perigo in 2014. 

The documents show that the student said on one occasion at school, Perigo made her follow him to a locker room, where he started to kiss her.

The student says that she pushed him away but then Perigo exposed his genitals and grabbed her hand, making her touch him. 

The student says that she then exited the locker room.

The document shows that further investigation has revealed that multiple female students were victimized by Perigo dating back to 2014. 

The victims' statements have indicated that Perigo and Juan Brito, who was arrested for knowing about Perigo's most recent inappropriate relationship and not reporting it, would work together to talk to the victims via social media platforms. 

Local attorney Daniel Rodriguez is representing the newest victim as well as the underage student that brought the scandal to light.

Rodriguez says that this newest victim was approached by police before she came to him.

"I suspect that they probably went through his phone or some kind of social media and said, "Oh!"," said Rodriguez.
"So, he apparently might not have erased everything."
Court documents also show that Perigo had two inappropriate relationships with underage girls as a member of the California Highway Patrol in 2009. 
Rodriguez said that because there are now four victims, he is filing a Title IX lawsuit against Perigo and the school district because Perigo's actions have become an epidemic.
Rodriguez says Title IX schools are given money to have programs and policies in place to prevent sexual harassment and violence. If they fail to do so, a Title IX lawsuit can take affect.
Rodriguez says that he hopes to create a change in the way the Delano Joint Union High School District does background checks. 

Perigo resigned from his position in the district earlier in April. For more information on the resignation, click here.

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