Wasco celebrates Festival of Roses

Posted at 5:02 PM, Sep 11, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-11 20:02:28-04

The city of Wasco is known as the rose capital of the world but as 23 ABC reported earlier this year rose production in the city has gone down since 2006.

Despite that, the city is celebrating their Festival of Roses this weekend expecting thousands from all across the state.

Wasco used to be the number one rose producer in the country and despite losing that number one spot the festival goes on and the city says they'll always be known for their roses.

Back in March a grand jury reported that the rose industry in Wasco was declining. In 2010 two rose growing companies went bankrupt. Although the city does acknowledge a decrease in rose production they say the festival is not affected.

This weekend is the 47th year the city has welcomed thousands of people to the Festival of Roses. The city says it has been a community effort to keep the festival going and some farmers have even donated flowers and field tours.

Since Jackson and Perkins closed down in 2010 other companies and small growers have seen an increase in their business.

Weeks Roses, the largest rose farm is Wasco, reports that they are currently growing over two and a half million roses and they are looking at a sold out year this year.

The city insists they are still a rose town and plan to continue hosting the festival for many years to come.