What to do in case of a Flooding Evacuation

Posted at 5:39 PM, Feb 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-13 20:41:16-05

Experts say if the Lake Isabella Dam was to fail, we would have about 6 hours to evacuate safely and about 5 feet of water would go into the valley.  That is why it is so important to know what to do in case of flood and how to be prepared and stay safe.

Going down into the San Joaquin valley......rivers are rising. This is all because of recent record breaking rainfall and the snowpack that's melting with the warmer temperatures we have been getting. Lake Isabella rose to 317000 acre feet Monday which is also rising concern of the possibility of flooding here in the valley in Kern County.  I talked to the Kern County Chapter of the American Red Cross on how to be prepared if a flooding disaster were to happen.


"What we do want everyone to know is that everyone should always be prepared for an emergency. Everyone should have a to go kit. A to go bag ready to go because you never know when an emergency is going to happen."

An emergency did happen recently when an evacuation order was put in place because the Oroville Spillway overflowed and was predicted to fail. Local American Red Cross Volunteers have been sent to help aid the evacuees. 

"Well the four of us will be deployed to the area of the flooding   We will have assignments when we get there. Michelle and I will be doing public affairs. The other girls will be assigned ranging from shelter work to feeding to whatever is needed. So the four of us will be leaving from this Kern Chapter and will be joined by other volunteers from other states who are making arrangements to be there right now."

To stay ahead of a dangerous situation, the Kern County Chapter let's you know what you need to put in your safety kit to be prepared

"You should have copies of all of your important papers. You should have a list of your medication. Putting some cash in there because when we have these disasters frequently power is lost and sometimes ATMs aren't available. So it's always good to have your cash, your ID. Like I said those meds, a change of clothes. Some sturdy shoes. If you have children especially babies always have some diapers.  If you have pets, make arrangements if you suddenly have to evacuate. What would you do if you suddenly have to evacuate. What would you do if an emergency happens and you can't get home."

If you can't get home or you get separated from your family, these is always an app to keep you updated with your loved ones.

"Red Cross does have a website called Safe and Well linking, where you can go on and you can register that your looking for a loved one. Equally when people go into shelters we encourage them to register   It's a really simple app. So if somebody is looking and someone is in a shelter as soon as you go on there will be a hit and it will show your loved one."

Before a disaster happens, experts advise you and your loved ones to always stay prepared. In Bakersfield, Adam Bowles 23ABC.