Woman desperately searching for goats that were rescued, then went missing during Erskine Fire

Posted at 5:50 PM, Jul 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-04 21:36:30-04

Kris Daulley is desperately searching for her four goats after they were rescued and then went missing while she was evacuated from her home during the Erskine Fire. 

Like thousands of others, Daulley and her family were forced to evacuated without much notice and was forced to leave her animals behind. 

One day after fleeing her home, someone on Facebook was offering to check on pets that had been left behind. Daulley asked them to check on her goats, the people said her goats were find, but when the fire sparked back up they went back to get them. 

The people had them in the bed of a pickup truck, but a sheriff's deputy stopped them and told them they couldn't ride with them like that. They tried transporting them in someone else's car until they found a man with a truck and trailer who was willing to help and take the goats to Bakersfield, but since then, no one has seen the man. 

“I just don’t understand why through the whole situation, offering help to  save animals and stuff, not to return them. It just really makes no sense to me," said Daulley.

Daulley has had all four goats since they were born and had to nurse two of the goats back to health herself.

“People call them livestock, but I call them family, they’re my pets, and they’re not livestock to me. They’re family," said Daulley. 

Dauelly said she is struggling with not being able to hear them making noise all the time. 

“All through the night, all through the day, all through the day I would hear them so walking out, once I walked out the front door I would hear them, but now I hear nothing. I hear nothing," said Daulley. 

Now Dauelly is telling everyone she knows and is posting on social media asking for help as she tries to track down her goats. 

“Who ever has them, I just want them home. No questions asked, nothing just bring my girls back home," said Daulley. 

Daulley said she is extremely thankful for everyone who has been helping to find her goats. 

She said the man last seen with the goats was in a bright blue with Dodge or Chevy quad cab with an older white stock trailer. 

A reward is being offered for anyone with information that leads to their safe return. 

If you have any information about the goats, you're asked to call Daulley at 714-345-3874.