YouCaring account made to get dog to disabled veteran

Posted at 2:57 PM, Jan 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-31 18:34:48-05

Meet Sarge!  Sarge was left homeless after being left out in a thunderstorm. He now is longing for a new family! He is loving, caring and full of life despite what he has been through,  just like the man who wants to give him his forever home, Leonard Sims.  Leonard is a Veteran, partially disabled and willing to give Sarge the life and home he deserves. He wants a best friend, a dog to exercise with, train and bond with. 

The problem here is that Sarge is in California, in a county that has very high kill shelters and an estimated 40,000 dogs that live on the streets. We need to get him to Minnesota where he faces a life of love and care.

From Leonard:

"While I do not suffer from many of the things that my brothers and sisters in arms endure I have been deemed 60% disabled by the military/VA due to my knees and back.  I had several pups that we kinda adopted while deployed. So I have grown fond of rescuing pups and now that I am home I would like to open my home to a pup that needs it,  I would like to provide him the companionship and dedication that he will give to me as well.  I would also love for this fundraiser to go above and beyond so that we can help a few others."

A YouCaring account was made to support this transport of Sarge all the way across the country to Leonard in Minneapolis!  The temporary owner Jamie says that any excess funding will go to get other rescue dogs to their new Veteran homes. She says it has been proven that dogs provide a very calming and reassuring presence for Veterans.

If you would like to donate, you can visit

to help bring this duo together!