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Biden administration unleashes ad blitz to get older Americans boosted against covid-19

Posted at 9:06 PM, Sep 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-17 00:06:58-04

WASHINGTON DC (KERO) — Kern County Public Health has released its weekly statistics for covid-19 cases and deaths in the county. According to their report, there have been 1,871 new infections since last week’s update. They are also reporting 3 new covid-related deaths in the county.

As deaths attributed to covid spike again in Kern County and around the country, a new report outlines the harsh reality of the virus, and the White House unveiled a plan it calls the “global covid response 2.0.”

The Lancet Covid-19 Commission, which brings together dozens of people with knowledge of health sciences and public policy, called the epidemic a “profound tragedy and a massive global failure.”

The commission’s new report lays out what it called “missteps” made by governments around the world. The report also includes new recommendations, including improving public health systems, proactive vaccination strategies, and building safety nets for any future widespread illnesses.

The White House plan’s objectives include vaccinating people who are at the highest risk and are hardest to reach in order to better prepare for future variants and health threats.

An official familiar with the initiative says the White House’s new covid plan is geared to end the global emergency and protect health systems around the world. The official said the White House is requesting four billion dollars to implement the strategy.

As part of the Biden administration’s push to provide more ways to combat covid, the Department of Health and Human Services is launching an advertising campaign encouraging people to get booster shots. The ads target people 50 and older, who account for 86 percent of covid hospitalizations and 96 percent of all in-hospital covid deaths.

The ads will air on television, as well as on radio in audio format, and in graphic versions online and in print.

Vaccination has been shown to reduce the chance of hospitalization or death by a substantial amount, and new vaccines from both Pfizer and Moderna have been formulated to protect against the most common omicron variants.