Couple sets up live camera and bubble machine for you to play with!

Posted at 12:29 PM, May 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-23 15:29:22-04

A couple in Florida set up a live camera with a button that you can click to shoot bubbles into their yard.

The Bubble Cam was Andie's idea.

Andie always enjoyed bubbles as a kid and as an adult.

From their website:

It seems we've always had bubble toys around. Halloween 2000 Andie purchased a high-volume bubble machine to blow bubbles when the kids came to the door. She started out by letting it run continuously but the machine would run out of bubble juice in less than 30 minutes. Mike rigged up a remote control to turn the bubbles on and off from the front porch. The visiting kids loved it. Andie said "its a shame people can't turn on the bubble machine from the internet." That was the the idea that set Mike into "tinker mode."


If you want to shoot bubbles in their yard, click here.