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Local kids earns spot on U.S. Junior National Gymnastics Team

Posted at 11:54 PM, Nov 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-14 02:54:54-05

Ten-year-old Troy Holman has been training at American Kids Sports since he was able to crawl. Now, he will be training with the United States Junior National Gymnastics Team. 


"It's amazing that I've come this far," said Holman. "I'm super excited about my future."


It's a feat that his coach, Tom Ladman says has never been done in Kern County before. 


“He works incredibly hard. You rarely have to get on him about being lazy or not giving his best effort," said Ladman. "He loves the sport so much, he would not dream of giving anything but his best effort."


That's what he did at the 2018 Future Stars National Championship at the U.S. Olympics Center in Colorado Springs.  


“It was super cool," said Holman. "Everybody was super good. And you get to see them do all their cool skills." 


The competition showcased the top ten, eleven and twelve-year-olds from around the country. 


Among them, he placed second all-around in the 10-year-old division, just one point shy away from first place. 


“Really hard, I worked really hard to get here," said Holman. 


“He’s a trailblazer and hopefully we’ll have more down the road. But he proves that it can be done, here in Bakersfield," added Ladman.