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NOR ends Youth Tackle Football program due to decline in participation, rising costs

Posted at 10:39 AM, Nov 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-13 22:17:12-05

The North of the River Recreation and Park District (NOR) is no longer offering its Youth Tackle Football program.

In a letter sent to parents by David McArthur, General Manager for NOR, a "decline in participation" and "the rising costs in equipment and insurance" lead to the end of the program. McArthur said, last year was the first year they did not have enough kids sign up to have a Pee Wee League. The problem is, if if you don't have a Pee Wee team you don't have enough kids moving up through the program. 

McArthur says that NOR will still offer the After School Flag Football Program each fall through the elementary and junior high schools within the district. NOR will be focusing on the Lacrosse and Flag Rugby programs that are not only rising in popularity but are safer.

"A lot of people have followed the program and coached for many years and some of them when they didn't have any youngsters involved and we definitely want them to know we appreciate the efforts they have done and hope they get involved with something else NOR has to offer," said McArthur. 

For more information on all the programs NOR has to offer, visit their website.