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Return to Condorstown goes to plan for Joe the trainer and Queen Victoria

Posted at 10:26 PM, Feb 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-10 02:29:56-05

Five years later and things looked the same. Same announcer, same singer, same trainer and of course that same bird. "It would be cool if they got loose again just for the effect," said Condors fan Mark Duffel before the game. "As long as they  don't come over I'm good with that."

The warnings were posted in place close to the ice. In bold highlighter the sign read that if the bird should get loose like last time "DO NOT APPROACH BIRD."

Five years after his famous spill on the ice, Joe Krathwohl, a professional bird trainer from Las Vegas, headed back to the spot where he fell and cracked two ribs.

The same ice where he became more known for letting a bird loose than for his years of caring for condors. "I was a little bit nervous because Murphy's Law tends to really come through in situations like this," Krathwohl said.

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With the anthem belting out Joe got his chance at redemption and the queen put on a display extending her wings and flying off her perch as the anthem wrapped up. "I could tell the whole crowd kind of gasped."

For Krathwohl, the difference this time around was that the bird was able to acclimate to the ice the day before and of course the ice shoes that prevented another slip. "I'm very proud of her," he said.

The rest of the night went to plan and after the first period he even got to show off a second condor. "We really need people to see an interest in condors and that's why we come here," he said of the endangered bird.

While it won't be another viral video, on a night that saw the condors finally break their string of poor play by beating the Ontario Reign 3-2 it looks like the secret all along was to just bring the queen back to Condorstown. 


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