Broncos beat Panthers in Super Bowl 50

Posted at 7:37 PM, Feb 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-08 02:06:29-05

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - The Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers 24-10 in Super Bowl 50.

Below is the game recap:

First quarter

The Broncos started the game with a pass to Owen Daniels for a pickup of more than 15 yards. A second pass was caught by Emmanuel Sanders for six.

After a dropped pass, Andre Caldwell caught a long pass. There was a flag, but it was on the defense. Broncos started on the Carolina 34.

After several passes, the Broncos gave the ball to CJ Anderson and he ran for seven yards. Anderson got a second carry for 12 yards to put the Broncos in the red zone. A third run, this time by Ronnie Hillman, lost three yards. The next pass was knocked down to bring up third and long. One more pass didn't get far and that brought out the field goal team.

McManus hit a 34-yard field goal.

Broncos 3, Panthers 0.

This is the first time Carolina has trailed in the postseason.

Carolina only managed two yards on their first possession. They went three-and-out against Denver's defense and punted.

The Broncos' second possession started with a pass to Sanders for three, and a run by Anderson for two, bringing up third and one. A pass was caught, but wasn't enough and the Broncos punted.

Carolina started their second possession with a pass for 24 yards. The officials called it incomplete, but the Panthers' coach challenged that. However, the ruling on the field stood -- incomplete.

On their second play, the Panthers' Jonathan Stewart ran into Derek Wolfe and hobbled off the field.

On third down, Von Miller got a strip sack, Malik Jackson recovered the ball in the end zone -- BRONCOS TOUCHDOWN!

Broncos 10, Panthers 0.

Panthers started with a pitch and run and it worked for Carolina's first, first down of the game. On third down, the safeties blitzed and got the sack on Cam Newton.

That should've brought up 4th down, but Aqib Talib got called for unsportsman-like conduct, creating a first down. The Broncos defensive managed to hold Carolina on three more and stopped their drive. Panthers punted, and the Broncos got the ball on the 12.

Broncos' next possession went nowhere and on third down, Manning got sacked. Broncos punted from the end zone. Carolina caught the ball on their 40-yard line. A penalty moved the ball back to the 27.

A good catch by the Panthers moved the ball almost to mid-field and the end of the first quarter.

Second quarter

Cam Newton started the second quarter with a quarterback run and picked up a first down. However, a false start penalty on the Panthers backed them up 5 yards.

Cam had to scramble, ended up running and picking up a few more yards. A shoot screen pass got the Panthers to the 15 yard line. The next pass was caught and Talib made the tackle near the end zone. However, Talib was called for face mask, putting the ball inside the 1-yard line.

A run with a dive by the Panthers' Stewart gave Carolina a touchdown. On the extra point, there was a flag on Talib for being off-sides, but the point counted.

Broncos 10, Carolina 7.

The Broncos first possession of the second quarter started with a scare. Manning slipped and tried to shovel a pass. Call on the field? Incomplete. Panthers challenged and said it was a sack. Panthers won the challenge, moving the Broncos back.

The drive went nowhere and the Broncos punted. Panthers got the ball right at mid-field. They went three-and-out.

The Panthers punted and Jordon Norwood got a 61-yard return. It was the longest punt return in Super Bowl history.

Broncos started on the 14-yard line. The Broncos moved the ball nine yards, and decided to go for it on fourth down. They got past the first down marker, but there was a penalty backing the Broncos up. They kicked the field goal.

Broncos 13, Panthers 7.

Carolina moved the ball down the field on their next possession, but the Broncos defense struck again! They forced a fumble and it was the Broncos ball again!

The Broncos were making progress, were close to the red zone, when Manning got intercepted. Panthers got the ball.

The Panthers' next possession started with the Broncos defense knocking Newton down as he threw the ball away. The drive went nowhere and the Panthers punted.

Broncos ball with 3:17 left in the half, but they get nothing.

Two minute warning, Panthers ball.

Newton started the next possession with a run and got stopped after three yards. A false start by the Panthers then backed them up five. A missed pass put the Panthers at 3rd and 12, but Newton got a long pass off of 24 yards. First down, Panthers 40 yard line, :48 to go.

A catch and a Newton run got the Panthers to the Broncos 45-yard line with :18 left.

A sack by DeMarcus Ware ended the first half.

Broncos 13, Panthers 7.

Third quarter

The Panthers started the second half with the ball. And they started with a big completion to Ted Ginn for 40+ yards.

After a long 31-minute halftime, the Panthers came out and were able to move the ball, until the Broncos defense stopped them near the red zone. The field goal kick? NO GOOD. It hit the upright and bounced out.

Broncos 13, Panthers 7.

The Broncos first possession of the second half started with a big pass to Sanders to get them to the Panthers 40 yard line. The third play, a pass, took them to the 17. A Panthers penalty moved the Broncos to the 12. But, then the drive broke down and the Broncos called out McManus.

McManus was good for 30 yards.

Broncos 16, Panthers 7.

Cam started his second possession with another high, long pass for 42 yards that put them on Denver's 38 yard line.

As Carolina got close to the red zone, TJ Ward got an interception, started to run, got hit, fumbled, but Danny Trevathan recovered. Broncos ball on the seven yard line.

A run got the Broncos to the 20 yard line. But a run and a sack put the Broncos at 3rd and 17 and then they punted.  No points for the interception, but the interception stopped the Panthers from scoring and the Broncos defense stopped the Panthers' next possession, too.

Broncos ball as the third quarter ended.

Fourth quarter

The Broncos started the final quarter of Super Bowl 50 with the ball.

The Broncos moved the ball to mid-field, but the Panthers forced Manning to fumble during a pass and the Panthers recovered the ball on the 50 yard line.

The Panthers were able to make some progress, but the Broncos defense held them to a field goal. It's the Panthers' first points since the beginning of the second quarter and it puts them within one score of the Broncos.

Broncos 16, Panthers 10

The Broncos didn't have an answer and had to punt.

Nine minutes left, Panthers ball. They got nothing, then the Broncos made no progress. Under five minutes left. Panthers ball.


The Panthers were facing their third down, Cam was throwing, when Von Miller got behind Newton, knocked the ball out and the Broncos recovered.

Broncos ball on the FOUR YARD LINE!

Two runs went nowhere, then Manning tried a pass into the end zone. The Panthers were called for holding, giving the Broncos a new set of downs and a chance to run the clock some more.

Just what the Broncos needed. CJ Anderson ran the ball into the end zone -- TOUCHDOWN. 3:08 left.

The Broncos went for two and GOT IT. Bennie Fowler with the catch in the end zone.

Broncos 24, Panthers 10

Newton back with the ball. On the second down, Newton was sacked hard. Ball on the four yard line.

Newton drops back on third down, ended up running through the end zone, being chased. Newton managed to throw the ball away before he took another hard hit.

Panthers punting with 2:08 left. Newton took two hard hits on that series. Broncos defense still playing hard.

Broncos offense ran the ball to run out the clock. The Broncos managed to get the clock to 1:01. Peyton Manning walks off the field and even Panthers are congratulating him already.

Broncos punt. Panthers ball with :54 seconds left.

Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware are already walking toward the coach with the Gatorade.

:23 left and Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak gets a bath on the sidelines.

He's the first coach to win a Super Bowl with the team he win a Super Bowl with as a player.

:11 left and the cameras have surrounded Manning and Kubiak.

A penalty was called on the field that required a ten second run off. That left one second and the Broncos win.

The Denver Broncos are the Super Bowl champions for the third time in franchise history.


The Broncos captains for the Super Bowl were Peyton Manning, Demaryius Thomas, DeMarcus Ware, Vernon Davis, Kayvon Webster and Von Miller.

Actives and inactives

For Denver, safeties T.J. Ward (ankle) and Darian Stewart (knee) and guard Louis Vasquez (knee) were active.

Quarterback Trevor Siemian, running back Juwan Thompson, guard Robert Myers Jr., center Sam Brenner, nose tackle Darius Kilgo and cornerbacks Lorenzo Doss and Taurean Nixon were inactive for Denver.

Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis played in the Super Bowl despite breaking his arm two weeks ago in the NFC championship game.

Davis had surgery 13 days ago to have 12 screws and a plate inserted into his right forearm.

Defensive end Jared Allen was also active after missing the NFC title game with a broken bone in his foot.

Carolina's inactives included wide receivers Brenton Bersin and Kevin Norwood, running backs Cameron Artis-Payne and Brandon Wegher, safety Dean Marlow and defensive end Ryan Delaire.


The pre-game festivities started with the introduction of the MVPs from the past 49 Super Bowls. The group includes such as memorable players at Joe Namath, Joe Montana, Phil Simms, Steve Young, Tom Brady and Jerry Rice.

The Denver Broncos fans got to cheer their two Super Bowl MVPs -- John Elway and Terrell Davis. Both entered the stadium to thunderous applause.

The Broncos were led on to the field by Thunder and Miles as they ran through a line of Broncos cheerleaders.

America the Beautiful was sang by the Armed Forces Chorus.

Lady Gaga sang the National Anthem.

Coldplay, Bruno Mars and Beyonce performed at halftime.