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The Golden Globes are set to take place Sunday, with more diversity

Producers of the Golden Globes insist this year's awards show is more diverse, after trying to reinvent the program following years of scandal.
The Golden Globes are set to take place Sunday, with more diversity
Posted at 11:24 AM, Jan 05, 2024

The Golden Globes Awards will roll out the red carpet and hand out awards Sunday in a wide range of categories with matchups like Barbie vs. Oppenheimer and John Wick vs. Spider-Man.

But the Golden Globes organization is also trying to convince Hollywood it deserves a win for reinventing itself after years of scandal. In 2021, the LA Times reported the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which ran the show, lacked a single Black member. Actors and studios boycotted, and the HFPA was eventually dissolved. Under new owners, the Globes promised to be better by expanding membership, promising more diversity and now claiming to be "the most culturally diverse major awards body." The show also hired a new host — actor and comedian Jo Koy, who says he's seen Hollywood struggle with diversity.

"Identifying, being Filipino and Asian, and then you come to Hollywood, they have no idea what they're looking at," said Koy. 

A new study from the Inclusion Initiative at USC Annenberg says Hollywood still isn't doing enough to hire female directors and people of color. Of the top 100 grossing films in 2023, only four were directed by women. And critics point out that the Golden Globe nominations this year feature mostly White actors and creators.

The producers insist this year's nominations are more diverse, but with the spotlight on the tarnished awards this Sunday, the Globes are hoping the statues shine a little brighter.

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