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Viewer Spotlight: Why Scripps News is not commercial-free

While commercials can be annoying, they are critical for us here at Scripps News to remain available to viewers free of charge.
Viewer Spotlight: Why Scripps News is not commercial-free
Posted at 9:46 AM, Jan 26, 2024

As always, we here at Scripps News welcome your calls to our toll-free Viewer Hotline. Since opening up our phone lines last year, many have shared their thoughts about an inescapable staple of broadcast television, and sometimes it's the product that's being sold that prompts you to call in.

Gregory from Mississippi said: "I used to watch y'all a lot, but every time I go to see what the news is on ... I end up with a commercial. Y'all show more commercials than you do news reporting, and I can't stand that."

Paul from Pennsylvania added: "I wish they would stop with the Medicare commercials ... they're going too far."

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We get it, but commercials on this network — like most others — really do help keep the lights on. Thus far, commercial advertising has been the most reliable model to fund the work of journalism so that we are able to offer it to you free of charge. 

In fact, we are the only 24/7 news network available for free through an over-the-air signal. All you need is an antenna to watch us anytime — no member donations or cable subscriptions required — and that's because of the ads we run during our programming.

Our commercial time, we believe, is also lower than our cable news competitors. Those advertising dollars make it possible for us to produce the content that you tell us you want to see, like our episode of the Emmy Award-winning documentary series "In Real Life," featuring an unforgettable Ukrainian sniper named Emerald.

Gaye from Illinois said: "I just want to say that that segment about Emerald from Ukraine, it was excellent. Thank you so much. It's unbelievably good."

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We still stay in touch with Emerald and her story, and you can catch more episodes of "In Real Life" every Sunday night or anytime on our website at Also stay tuned, because later in February we'll present special coverage timed to the second anniversary of the start of Russia's war with Ukraine and our foreign correspondent Jason Bellini will bring you the latest. 

Until then, continue to let us know how we're doing — good or bad — anytime on our toll-free Scripps News Viewer Hotline at 1-833-4-SCRIPPS to lend your voice to the conversation. 

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