Fireworks forecast: hot with very high fire danger

An Excessive Heat Warning and Red Flag Warning are in effect.
Posted at 4:32 PM, Jul 04, 2024

Heat and fire danger are the big weather stories this 4th of July.

An Excessive Heat Warning and Red Flag Warning are both in effect.

Temperatures soared again Thursday, and will stay hot well into the evening.

By the time fireworks are set to launch in Bakersfield, the temperature will be right around 100°.

Even cooler spots like Tehachapi will still be in the mid 80s for fireworks.

Be sure to drink lots of water if you're heading out to 4th of July celebrations this evening!

If you're planning to set off fireworks of your own it's important to be very careful to ensure no sparks land in areas with dry vegetation.

Our very hot, dry weather has greatly increased fire danger, and any spark could start a fast-spreading fire.

This hot, dry weather is still not going anywhere either.

Friday's forecast is 108° in Bakersfield, and the high will jump to 112° on Saturday.

There are one or two models hinting at some slightly cooler weather for late next week, but even then temperatures are likely to still run over 105°.

Stay cool and stay safe!

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