Temperatures start to soar Tuesday

Highs in Bakersfield will be between 105° and 110° for the rest of the week.
Posted at 4:46 PM, Jul 01, 2024

We're bracing for some blistering heat here in Bakersfield, and all across Kern County.

Nearly the entire county is under an Excessive Heat Warning for the rest of the week.

That warning extends to a huge portion of the state, including all of the Central Valley.

Highs here in Kern will take a big step up Tuesday, with heat peaking late this week into the weekend.

Tuesday's highs look to be around 105° in the Valley, and close to 110° in the desert.

Highs will be above 100° in the Kern River Valley, and in the uppper 80s to low 90s in the mountains.

As the heat peaks later this week highs will climb around another 5 degrees across the board.

That puts Valley areas around 110°, and desert areas around or even above 115°.

Highs will likely break 105° in the Kern River Valley and even places like Tehachapi could hit upper 90s.

There's not clear end in sight for the hot temperatures, either.

Be prepared for a long stretch of intense heat.

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