Kern Coutny health officials argue the state isn't helping nursing facilities

Posted at 11:38 PM, Jun 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-17 10:21:26-04

Kern County Public health officials have concerns over a surge in COVID-19 cases at state-regulated nursing homes within our community.

Studies show that nursing homes account for over 40% of coronavirus deaths nationwide. Today the director of the public health services saying the state is failing to take immediate action.

During Tuesday morning's board of supervisors meeting the Director of Kern County Public Health Services, Matt Constantine, stood before supervisors saying state-regulated nursing facilities are where most of the COVID-19 deaths have occurred within the county. But the state is not intervening with a recent spike in COVID-19 cases within these facilities.

Constantine said, “I’m tired of conference calls with the state. They don’t do anything. I have another one tonight. I’m hopeful that we're going to have some action items; Like the first one, don’t admit patients to a COVID positive facility. “

Constantine says two facilities in particular that are suffering from the outbreak, are still admitting new patients. He called out the Kingston Healthcare Center and Valley Convalescent Hospital. Constantine said, “if two of the 19 facilities account for half of the deaths, what happens if the other 19 are affected at the same levels.”