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Assemblyman Vince Fong introduces new homelessness legislation

Posted at 10:14 AM, Feb 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-25 13:14:00-05

SACREMENTO, Calif. — Assemblyman Vince Fong has introduced three new bills as part of a legislative package to help address the homelessness crisis in California.

“These bills address the fundamental and root factors of our homelessness crisis, which include supportive housing, mental health, and substance abuse. We also need to establish accountability measures based on accurate data,” said Fong.

The three bills include:

  • AB 2870: Provides $750 million dollars for supportive housing to cities and counties that will create the infrastructure needed to get homeless immediately off public streets and into housing with tailored services.
  • AB 2871: Expands Medi-Cal coverage for substance abuse treatment to better assist those struggling with addiction.
  • AB 2872: Establishes a statewide homeless database that will allow for a more accurate and real-time information that will allow us to better prioritize homeless programs and provide accountability in our system.

“This package of bills were drafted based on countless hours of collaboration with our local homelessness service providers, wide range of community members, and housing thought leaders throughout the state," Fong said.

The bills are currently in the Assembly Rules Committee pending referral to policy and fiscal committees for a hearing.