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3D Printing at Kern River Valley Library Brings Possibilities to Residents

The Kern River Valley Library is allowing the public to utilize 3D printer.
Posted at 7:33 PM, Nov 09, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-09 22:33:08-05

LAKE ISABELLA, Calif. — If you're like me and you need to print something, you're going to go to the library. Now, with a new addition to the Kern River Valley Branch Library, that doesn't only apply to boring old two-dimensional printing on paper. Now, the library can print 3D objects, where the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

“My son in particular, had this shark drawing that he just loved,” said Chris Meichtry, an employee at the Kern Valley Branch Library. “I scanned it, turned it into a 3D model and was able to print it for him, so his drawing became a real toy he could play with.”

The library is opening up their 3D printer for the public, free of charge. Before using it, you have to attend an orientation at the library that lasts about 45 minutes. The next one is on November 21st. Once the orientation is complete, you can make an appointment to use the printer.

“If you need a very specific tool that you can’t find in the store really easily you can design or download it and print it. It's really good for making storage containers or this pencil holder here,” said Meichtry.

Using free tools like this, the printer doesn't only present utilitarian possibilities but also creative ones.

“One person in particular is very excited to get their design going. It is a miniature menorah that she is designing for her boyfriend and she wants it to fit inside of a matchbook.”

Meichtry tells me that there are more services on the way for the community – which will include additional machines that the public can use, including a machine that can make custom screen prints, sewing machines and potentially a station that can digitize VHS tapes and photographs.

“I hope this will be the beginning of a very beautiful makerspace for the community.”

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