Wrestling with Success!

McFarland resident Tommy Delfin has been arm wrestling since 2015. It's a passion of his that comes with multiple challenges but he says he's never let that get in his way.
Posted at 6:12 PM, Jun 27, 2024

McFarland arm wrestler Tommy Delfin says he's been arm wrestling for nine years and continues to fall in love with it more and more. Currently focused on training to dominate his next competition.

  • He's been wrestling since his junior year of high school, but in 2015, this athlete decided to switch from an all body sport to an upper body sport. Tommy Delfin tells me he feels like he found his purpose in life ever since he started arm wrestling.
  • Throughout the last nine years, Delfin has won multiple medals with his most recent competition was in 2019 in Patterson California.
  • Delfin says he was born with the spinal defect spina bifida and although he’s run into some struggles at time, he continues to persevere.

McFarland is heavily known for its runners nationwide but did you know there’s one athlete whose taking a different approach. Tommy Delfin tells me it’s a passion that comes with multiple challenges.

“I was born with spina bifida. Its a rare condition in the spinal chord you know all my life I just had a positive purpose in life where don’t be afraid of nothing because if you’re afraid — then what’s the point of living,” said McFarland arm wrestler Tommy Delfin.

Delfin says he lives by this motto not just in sports but in his everyday life.

Although he’s faced many physical challenges in the past, he hasn’t let that stop him.

Delfin is a graduate of McFarland High School where he played for the schools wrestling team.

However ten years later, Delfin says he made the shift to arm wrestling. Something that he says truly lifted him up.

“I just love doing it — it just makes me wake up in the morning work out, you know it just has be doing stuff,” said Delfin.

Delfin says he’s been able to compete statewide from Patterson California to Hawthorne Nevada and is proud of he’s accomplished and what he hopes to go on to do.

“If you just keep going at it, keep training, you will start beating dudes like oh man you just beat that guy,” said Delfin.

Delfin says he’s solely focused on training his body for the rest of the year so he can dominate his next competition.

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