Bad air quality affecting residents

Unhealthy air this weekend
Unhealthy air this weekend
Unhealthy air this weekend
Posted at 6:46 PM, Sep 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-09 21:46:45-04

Big plans this weekend? Well you might want to think twice. With temperatures expected to reach the upper 90s and air quality unhealthy for all groups.

You just might want to take your plans inside.

Laura Johnson normally hits the bluffs three times a week for her three mile run.

Lately she says the poor air quality has impacted her routine.

The brown haze over the mountains – a reflection of the poor air quality just might explain why the usually popular running trail was pretty empty today.

Johnson says that she expected the air quality to improve since temps are dropping. But instead - she’s having a harder time breathing now than she did during the summer months.

Johnson adds that she noticed a dramatic difference in the air quality within the last month or so.

But according to the San Joaquin valley air pollution control district, with higher temps and stagnant conditions - it is not out of the ordinary to reach unhealthy levels this time of year.

They say the summertime ozone season generally runs through October.

Valley air pollution control officials also say that the Sobranes fire - which is has been burning for fifty days now - could also be impacting the degrading air quality.

Officials say that conditions are expected to improve next week with cooler temps and stronger winds in the forecast.