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Bakersfield poet Geniece Trevino releases Con Todo

“I get what I felt out."
Geniece Trevino September 24, 2021
No llores September 24, 2021
Geniece Trevino September 24, 2021
Whitney September 24, 2021
Posted at 6:58 PM, Sep 24, 2021
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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — Con Todo is the name of the Poetry book by Geniece Trevino. She said she put her all into this book, hence the name.

“I named the book that just because it means with everything. So, with everything in me, I released this book. It’s just a lot,” said Trevino.

Con Todo is a collection of around 98 different poems, Trevino, has written over the last 10 years. She did this with an overwhelming amount of support from her friends and family. Her father is one of her main supporters.

“My dad was my biggest supporter. He would always tell me you’re going to write a book. There was times where I was going through things that I just didn’t want to write about. He’d be like you have to write about it,” said Trevino

Writing through those times where it was hard, or she didn’t feel that a person deserved to be written about helped her heal.

“I get what I felt out. It’s there, it’s on paper, I can read it if I want to come back to it. But it’s just not in there anymore,” said Trevino.

Trevino’s favorite poem in her book is heavily influenced by her mother and grandmother titled “No llores”.

The poem refers to when her parents would tell her it as a child - No llores, don’t cry. Now as an adult when she’s going through something she’ll say No llores to herself.

When the book was printed this month Trevino describes her and her family as being overwhelmingly happy especially Her grandmother.

“She got it and she was just like oh my gosh you did it. Then she was just so happy, and she burst into tears,” said Trevino explaining when her grandmother got the book. “And just to see like the fact that my grandma could hold it in her hand and that she could read it. That I didn’t wait, and I finished it in time for her to be able to enjoy it because she inspired a lot of it. It was beautiful.”

Trevino was also happy to see that her book was inspiring her son to see as he now suggests that he can draw pictures to go along with her poems.

Her grandfather also inspired a poem called Whitney because they used to go to Mt. Whitney together where he'd point out constellations and talk with her. The poem is about growing up and being afraid of life.

Bakersfield poet, Geniece Trevino reading Whitney

Along with writing poems Trevino also has a self-publishing company called Bird Cage inc. it was originally a bookstore founded in 2017 but due to the pandemic, they switched gears in 2020. She says it is very rewarding to help people on this journey.

“It’s so rewarding to see help bring somebody’s work to life. Especially when it’s something they thought was going to be difficult and I get to come through like hey this isn’t as hard as you think,” said Trevino.

Now that her poetry book is out Trevino is working on her second piece which will be a fiction novel. The book will be titled “To Whom It May Concern” it will be a collection of short stories about people who she feels are overlooked but make an impact in everyone’s lives.

Con Todo is for sale for $20 on the Bird Cage inc. website.