California City Police Department increases rewards for seven cases

Posted at 5:43 PM, Aug 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-11 20:50:23-04

The California City Police Department is increasing the reward to $10,000 for seven different cases.

The seven cases include five homicide cases and two missing persons cases.

The cases include Dr. Burdette Thorbus murdered in 2001, Matthew Lininger murdered in 2010, Charles Pieper murdered in 2012, Demetri Thomas murdered in 2014, Deverrie Schiller murdered in 2016, Robert Austin Tharp missing in 2014 and Phillip Hammond missing since July 2017.

"Theres a minimum of four killers walking around here and little kids playing everywhere and nobody seems to care," Debra Schiller-Fones said.

Debra is still looking for answers in the death of Deverrie -- her daughter.

“She was beautiful. Every parent says that but she was like the queen of selfies," Schiller said. "She didn’t deserve any of this."

Deverrie, or "Boo", was strangled to death in California City's Central Park back in June 2016.

“There’s really no handbook to this. I really don’t know what I’m supposed to do. Except find out who did it and why."

While Schiller said you "can't put a price on a life," she hopes the increased reward money will help.

In a city of a little over 14,000 people, the resonsibility of finding answers to all these cases currently falls on one man.

“Most of it is we just don’t have the man power and the resources," Sergeant Shannon Hayes with Cal City PD said. “Like the Schiller case, I’m the only one that’s worked it since it happened.”

“Somebody knows something but nobody is talking," Schiller said.

She waits for the day she canb find closure.

Anyone with information on the cases is encouraged to call Cal City police at 760-373-8606. A Secret Witness line will be established in the near future as well.

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