CHS student: I was attacked by campus officer

Posted at 5:47 PM, Apr 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-19 14:53:57-04

A junior at Centennial High School says a campus police officer attacked him last Tuesday while he was walking to lunch off campus.

The student asked to remain anonymous for safety reasons.

He says he had obtained an off campus pass so that he could go to lunch at Taco Bell with his brother.

The student says that a campus police officer pulled up and asked for the pass. The student gave him the pass and says the officer told him to go back to school.

"I didn't know what to do," the student said.
"I just listened to him and started walking back to school. Then he attacked me."
The student says that he had only taken about five steps back towards the school.
"He jumped on my back with his knee and while he's taking me to the ground, he pepper sprayed me. I was on my stomach then he put the cuffs on me and pepper sprayed me again."
The student's mom, Davin Stephens, heard about the incident through her other son, who called her and described what was happening.
"I was on the phone with my other son while this is happening and he's telling me as things are going on," said Stephens.
"The officer just kneed him in the back, he just pepper sprayed him again, you need to hurry up and get out here and I went as fast as I could."
Stephens says she saw her son briefly before he was taken to a juvenile detention facility. She says his face was red from the pepper spray.
Now, nearly a week later, Stephens says her son is still experiencing issues from the incident.
"He has bruises on his wrist, his knees, his neck, he still has problems with his vision. His eyes are stinging. He's been having breathing problems since he has asthma and the pepper spray went into his lungs."
She says that she has a meeting with the school district on Wednesday to discuss what occurred and what happens next.
"He's expelled. They don't want him back at school. We don't know why."
Centennial High School told 23ABC that the Kern High School District is currently investigating the incident.
Kern High School District says that they do not publicly comment on individual student discipline or juvenile criminal matters.