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Hidden Bias of Good People: A special conversation

Being seen, heard, and understood is a human necessity.
Posted at 11:38 AM, Mar 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-08 14:38:34-05

Being seen, heard, and understood is a human necessity. Having a voice can bring power and power can bring change.

This is why 23ABC has dedicated itself to making voices heard, communities understood and the residents who live here - no matter their race or gender - feel seen.

"Growing up in Bakersfield man, you see a lot of racism and you see a lot of divide. So, when these protests, marches, and all this stuff start happening you see that side of Bakersfield where people come out of all different colors of all different races, ages all that, and they all band together to support one cause. It's big," said one Bakersfield resident.

What you've seen on our air is just a glimpse of what we are working on behind the scenes. Because as we leave 2020 and step into a new year, we've realized a few things too. 2021 must but tackled together as a community.

"The root of many of our problems that we have that we are facing right now that are staring us in the face that are effecting our daily lives - the root of this is racism," said another Kern County resident.

Sharing stories isn't enough. We must make sure we continue to engage and grow with the very communities within our county. And most importantly, representation matters.

Being on the right side of history matters. Especially during times like right now when we are all a part of history and what we do now will impact future generations.

Added another resident: "One day I want to have kids. I want to have a family and I want to make sure that when they do grow up, they're growing up in an unbiased, un racist society."

Now more than ever we have the opportunity to ignite creativity, change legislation, and rebuild, recreate and rethink the way we live in the 21st century. So, let's have courageous conversations.

As we live our life, we are exposed to countless people and ideas. Over time, they can take hold. And while we assume we are always thinking independently, we're not. That's "implicit bias." We all have it. And it's not our fault. So how can we be more aware of our bias?

Join 23ABC tonight at 7 as we take a look at the "Hidden Bias of Good People," hosted by Dr. Bryant Marks. Sponsored by the Dignity Health Hospitals.