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Hurricane Florence impacts local family

Posted at 5:50 PM, Sep 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-17 21:03:46-04

Lee Stoops ws raised here in Kern County and attended Foothill High. He says he moved to Harnett, North Carolina in 2014, seeking a better life for him and his family. 

But now him, his two kids and wife are trying to move on from Hurricane Florence. 
“I went and got my trailer, got my generator ready, gas, extra food, canned food and water," said Stoops as he braced for impact. 
Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina early Friday morning.  
“A lot of rain, a lot of constant rain. The winds weren't super high but the rain just never stopped," said Stoops.
 Stoops and his family stayed inside their Harnett home for three days straight. 
“We were in the house probably Thursday night though Saturday, it kind of let up and then Sunday it got a little stronger again," said Stoops. 
Hurricane Florence caused flooding and power outages across the state, including Stoops' home. He says him and his family stayed in his trailer until their power came back.
“I know there’s people that are out with no set date with the energy company, but we’re on the lucky side," said Stoops. 
He says he is luck because him and his family are unharmed. 
“My neighbors got their pool smashed. A couple trees fell down around us. We might have a creek that overflows, so we cant get across the road," said Stoops. 
 And the river and lakes, just about to crest.
“They're getting ready to crest or will be cresting later today or tomorrow," said Stoops. 
 But the Bakersfield native says this is nothing compared to other areas in his county. 
“There’s a few areas that are a lot worse in my county then what I’m dealing with.”
 Stoop says he works for the city and they were out cleaning and helping in any way that they can. 
“There’s a lot of stuff I could not do today because there's still power lines, telephone lines, wrapped up in those trees," said Stoops. "So those would have to get removed before we can get those out and let the water go down in the areas that have flooding.”
 The American Red Cross of Kern County is also helping out. They have seven volunteers in North Carolina down to Virgnia.