Kevin McCarthy calls on governors, insurance commissioners for health care reform ideas

Posted at 9:41 PM, Dec 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-06 00:44:23-05

Congressman Kevin McCarthy along with other chairmen sent a letter to state governors and insurance commissioners requesting ideas for how to reform the health care system and expressing their views on Obamacare.

The letter stated the following:

"Obamacare is crumbling under its own weight and seriously harming people in the process. With a unified Republican Congress and Administration, we have the opportunity to repeal this law and undertake major health care reforms. Because governors and state insurance commissioners are on the ground and see Obamacare's problems every day, I and several House chairmen have sent a letter requesting their thoughts on what we need to do to deliver high quality and affordable health care to the American people."

The letter asked questions to create open dialogue on healthcare in the U.S.