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More closures due to weather could be ahead for the Grapevine

Posted at 12:26 AM, Jan 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-27 03:26:17-05

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Just before 11 pm Tuesday night, the winds are starting to pick up around the Grapevine and if the weather changes, even more, it could lead to more of what we saw on Monday.

An L.A. family playing in the snow taking advantage of the clear skies on Tuesday afternoon expressed “it's the first time this year we've seen the snow, and since its COVID and we can't really do anything, we just wanted to stop by.”

But as a third storm system impacts the region starting late Tuesday​, it may be harder to get to these off-ramps for a snowball fight. However, CHP is already working to prepare those roads for the week ahead.

“All the officers that are available, they come into work, start running around and bringing controlled groups up and over the Grapevine.”

CHP and CalTrans have been busy since Monday, working to clear those roads as they do after every heavy snowstorm.

“All the off-ramps have to be groomed and cleaned and melted because if someone takes an off-ramp they are hitting the brakes too hard, and they're also trying to make a turn at the same time, that's a bad combination.”

Rich Anthes with CHP says even if the roads look clear, it can be deceiving, as a thin sheet of ice could be hard to see.

“They will spin out and you don't know you're there until you're on top of it. You try to steer you try to brake and your car just keeps going forward in whatever direction it wants to.”

With more snow in the forecast,​ some more road closures could be possible. This storm system is expected to last until Friday.

“A hard closure down in Castake and then one at Grapevine Road, and once those are in place, we try to get everyone that's in the middle up and over safely and clear everything out so CalTrans can have a free shot at plowing the roadways and putting those solutions down.”

This is why Anthes is urging only essential driving this week. But if you must drive, he says to keep plenty of distance from the car ahead and slow down that speed.

“Take it slowly. Avoid quick turning motions and abrupt breaking, and make sure you have some way out. Don't drive in a big pack of cars, try to spread out.”

Be sure to check the CalTrans website before you travel to check the road conditions.