'Plastic Bag Ban' will be on November ballot

If passed, will outlaw plastic bags statewide

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Plastic bags have been outlawed in many cities across California, but if state voters vote in favor of Proposition 67 in November, plastic bags could soon become a thing of the past.

Fernando Garcia travels to other parts of California often and doesn't mind being charged for bags, something he doesn't have to worry about when shopping in Kern County. 

"I see people that make a big deal about it, but I just give the 10 cents and I'm like "Alright yeah, no problem,"" said Garcia.

Environmental and community leaders spoke in Bakersfield today about their passion and support for Prop 67. 

"The problem, obviously, is the overuse of single-use plastic products and in particular, in this case, plastic bags," said Environment California representative, Dan Jacobson. 

If Prop 67 passes, California consumers would be charged bag fees each time they don't bring their own. 

"We're stepping away from the ethic of being a throwaway, disposable society and planet," said ELCA Office of Public Policy representative, Ann Gallon.

Gallon said that her support is faith-based and that supporting Prop 67 is a way to protect God's creatures. 

The prop could also impact oil companies. Plastic bags derive from polyethylene. Ethylene is a hydrocarbon that is produced from natural gas or petroleum.

"I think the oil companies should be worried. I'd be surprised if they're not backing the out-of-town, out-of-state plastic bag manufactures in some sense," said Jacobson.


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