WATCH LIVE: Inaugural Induction Ceremony at the Bakersfield Music Hall of Fame

Posted at 7:13 PM, Jan 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-28 00:43:00-05

The BAKERSFIELD MUSIC HALL OF FAME celebrated its one-year anniversary with the announcement of its long-awaited inaugural HALL OF FAME induction. The first round of those being inducted, which will eventually include 17 people noteworthy for their lifetime of achievements in the music industry, will begin with the enshrinement of five individuals — MERLE HAGGARD, BUCK OWENS, RED SIMPSON, BILLY MIZE, and BONNIE OWENS.

The induction ceremony will be held on FRIDAY, JANUARY 27th, with two additional shows giving each inductee a special tribute set for later this year. Each inductee will be honored with a life-sized commemorative vinyl portrait, along with a summary of their musical achievements, to be placed on the walls of the BAKERSFIELD MUSIC HALL OF FAME. In addition, a star will be placed in the concrete walkway to commemorate each of them. (via Bakersfield Music Hall Of Fame Facebook Page)