Highland football is more than just a team, it's a family

Team rallies to get waterboy the homecoming crown
Posted at 12:00 AM, Oct 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-01 03:02:39-04

Highland football is just like any other high school football team.

They hang out together, go to practice and take the field as one every Friday. However, it's their relationship with their waterboy, Highland senior Ian Gonzales, that makes the Scots special.

When Ian was in junior high, he was bullied by other students.

"In junior high, people set me up," Gonzales shared. "I was always outcast and no one ever accepted me to anything."

When Gonzales went to Highland, he decided to come to tryouts to become the team's waterboy.

"Ian came out, not to be on the football team," senior Mikey Melendez said. "He came out just to be the waterboy."

Teammate Gabe Johnson shared the same sentiment.

"He came in out of junior high and he was bullied a lot," Johnson said. "We just wanted to show him some love."

When it came time for homecoming nominations this year, Gonzales was nominated alongside Melendez, Johnson and teammate Beau Brannan. The only thing on their mind was making sure Gonzales was crowned king.

"We didn't want to win," Johnson said. "We were trying to get voters for waterboy Ian."

On Friday, September 30, at Highland's homecoming game, Ian Gonzales was crowned homecoming king. His mother, Amanda, was beyond happy at her son's accomplishment.

"It's a dream come true," Amanda shared. "He is an inspiration for the team, but they bring that inspiration out."

For Ian, because of the support of his Highland football family, this will be a night he will never forget.