Day Eleven: Experiencing Olympic events and walking the streets of Rio de Janeiro after protests

Posted at 1:51 PM, Aug 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-12 16:51:18-04

Shots rung out as groups gathered in the streets of Rio de Janeiro to protest the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff.

While some of the shots were just rubber pellets meant to dispel the crowds, some of the shots came from the favelas and I don't think they were rubber shots.

The streets were not quite filled with people but there were enough that the police presence grew even more than it was in the first place. There are already federales on every corner but it seemed as if the amount out and about doubled on Tuesday night.

Coincidentally, the power and WiFi went out right after the protests, so I wasn't able to share any content while it was happening. We didn't regain power until late Wednesday and the protests and groups had already been completely broken down at that point.

However, Wednesday brought Olympic games and matches, with the first being rugby. Public transportation was a bit of a hassle because Brazil and Argentina were facing off in one of the later matches and they have a large rivalry. The trains had people stuffed in from window to window, end to end and it was extremely difficult to even move.

Once I arrived at the game, it became clear how much the rest of the world dislikes the US. The only people cheering for the US to beat Fiji were people FROM the US. Every other person in the stadium was cheering for Fiji to win.

Even at beach volleyball, no one wanted the US to beat Switzerland.

I did find a country that's almost as disliked as the United States. While watching Argentina play the Czech Republic in beach volleyball, I asked my new Argentinean friend why no one in Central or South America likes Argentina. His simple answer was, "We're better at football (soccer). They're just mad we're the best."

Apparently it all began as a rivalry between Argentina and Brazil and the rest of the Southern hemisphere jumped on the bandwagon.

If the US is going to pick a country to partner with, I think they should pick Argentina.