A few more days of unusual heat

Cooldown coming Sunday
Posted at 5:35 PM, Oct 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-05 20:35:57-04

Wednesday brought another day of above average temperatures.

Bakersfield saw a high of 91° and expects a high of 93° on Thursday.

The valley is seeing afternoon highs about 10-12 degrees above average through Saturday.

Our coastal communities like San Luis Obispo aren't doing to bad.

SLO saw a high of 77° on Wednesday and anticipates a high of 79° on Thursday.

The rest of our coast is in the upper 60s and 70s Wednesday and can expect highs in the 70s and 80s Thursday.

While temperatures have dipped since our record-breaking summer, we're still dealing with serious heat by this season's standards.

With that in mind, remember to stay hydrated and cool until the weather starts to embrace true fall conditions.

Heading into the weekend, the high pressure ridge that has been keeping us warm and dry will break down into the Pacific, allowing for a significant cooldown to come into play on Sunday.

Next week, break out the sweaters and dust off your boots because we'll be able to enjoy fall fashion for real.

Temperatures will drop in Bakersfield to the upper 70s, and in our mountain communities, temperatures will drop as low as the upper 50s for Frazier Park and to the 60s for Tehachapi and Lake Isabella.

Hang on just a little while longer, and we'll being saying goodbye to the heat in no time!