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Chiefs player reportedly linked to 'major' Dallas car crash

The hit-and-run crash involved six vehicles and left at least four people with minor injuries.
Chiefs player reportedly linked to 'major' Dallas car crash
Posted at 8:24 AM, Apr 01, 2024

The Dallas Police Department is searching for Rashee Rice after a vehicle believed to be connected to the Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver was involved in a six-vehicle collision, according to the Dallas Morning News.

The newspaper reports a vehicle involved in the crash is believed to be registered or leased to Rice. Four people suffered minor injuries in the collision, which took place around 6:25 p.m. Saturday night.

The Dallas Police Department confirmed to Scripps News Kansas City that a Corvette and Lamborghini were speeding in the far-left lane of the expressway, near University Boulevard. The drivers lost control of the vehicles and the Lamborghini struck the center median wall after traveling into the shoulder of the roadway.

Police say the crash caused a chain reaction, involving four additional vehicles in the crash.

The occupants of the Lamborghini and Corvette left the scene "without stopping to determine if anyone needed medical help or providing their information," the Dallas Police Department told Scripps News Kansas City in a release. Two drivers and two occupants were transported to area hospitals with minor injuries.

Rice's involvement in the crash is not known at this time, but the Dallas Morning News reports that officers are searching for Rice as they conduct their investigation. The identity of the drivers of the Corvette and Lamborghini are not known at this time.

This story was originally published by Jack Anstine at Scripps News Kansas City.

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